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Anime & myself update...
Saturday, 30 August 2008

So while i'm so stress dealing w/ my paperworks, i'm still watching some anime which interest me.

So i already finished... Fullmetal panic! , Kimikiss pure rouge and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Well those three are nice so for those who like anime, why not try watching it. I'm gonna tell a bit information about it and a score of it...

Fullmetal Panic!.. nice anime, great for those who seek to laugh a through the epie, but some of epie of it are not, but that make the story balance so... 4.5/5 *clap* * clap*

Kimikiss pure rouge.. for those who like high school romance then this one is perfect... its just that theres a exciting feeling about this anime coz you will make a prediction who will end upso 4.5/5 *clap* *clap*

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.. still deal about high school life, but this one is crazy. The main characters' craziness makes the story nice, so.. 4.8/5 *clap* *clap*

anyway.. my point here is that i'm so addicted to anime.. XD

btw, i made a layout for my blog... can't wait to finish it soon

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Bye 3rd yr, Hello 4th yr.

Hi ya guys sorry if i was gone for so long, i thought i won't be able to post here again.

Anyway, it's goodbye 3rd yr for now, and it's sure is fun for all those years we were able to overcome those hard days. Okay so enough about the 3rd yr life its time to face the fact that i'm 4th yr now

Anyway.. i just need to continue with my studies and everything will go smoothly..

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welcome moments...
Friday, 15 August 2008

hehe.. sorry guys i haven't check my blog for a very long time, yep very long time XD

I was busy playing games and i forgot my blog, i even forgot the continuation of my last post i'm so sorry..

Anyway, i'm still quite busy but this time its was because of many examinations to come and the projects that I should be finish by now.

Oh well, i think i won't be busy by the end of August i sure do hope..

see ya!

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Singapore!!! [part 1]
Wednesday, 9 April 2008

another Singapore exploration eh? hehe.. it will be my third time this year.
Singapore change alot after 1 year, alot of construction and alot of tourists as well.

First we went to NAIA airport 3 of us.. on April 8, 2007 and we went to airport at 6:31 p.m. Then went to check-in for our bags, pay the travel tax, to immigration and lastly to security check thingy dunno what ya called that, anyway after that we waited for our plane to get ready and when we go there lots of people mainly filipinos and some foreigners.

heres some of my pic..

.:: me sleeping while my brother taking pic ::.

.:: NAIA [ Ninoy Aquino Internationa Airport ] ::.

.:: Mom paying travel tax ::.

and after 4hrs and 25 mins....

tada! we arrived at Singapore finally at 11:33 p.m! well i'm kinda sleepy though.. but we need to continue on, the thing is we waited soooo long for our bags to come [T_T]. Anyway, we are about to take taxi but daddy just pop-out.

Then we arrived at home.. then SLEEP!!

Okay before exploring i need to check what things should i bring:

[X] my Cellphone

[X] my handkerchief

[X] ipod

[X] my ezlink [just in case i get lost]

~hehe.. finish time to explore Singapore!!

~~ First week & Introduction...

~~.:: Lucky Plaza ::.~~

i define lucky plaza as mall of filipinos, each day lots of filipinos went here to call their families eat in Kabayan restaurant [all food are filipino cuisine].

while i was looking the place i found a manga store.. i was suprised though i never seen a manga store before. All of the manga cost S$ 19 almost 570 pesos, thats too expensive to me, and i saw complete manga of deathnote ohhh i wish i have money to buy that.

.:: lots of manga! ::.

.:: escalator [ whos that man anyway? ] ::.

~~.:: SMRT & SBS transit ::.~~

Mrt in Singapore is soooo nice. The place is clean and the mrt is soooo long that can hold lots of people. Theres alot of station as well and its divided into 3 line: north south line, north east line & north west line. Its also so busy during the night of friday and saturday, just like in the Philippine =).

.:: Orchard station :..

~ Did you know that there will be another line station that is currently constructing today and it cost billion dollars! ~


Bus is the one of the main transportation in Singapore. Their buses have their own number that indicate places to stop by. Theres also a bus station and the bus will only stop in there. You pay in the bus in two ways: by ezlink and by coins. Ezlink is a card that let you pay in mrt as well as bus nice eh?

.:: Exit. tap the card before going out, the small red button is signal to stop at next bus stop ::.

.:: inside the bus ::.

.:: huh? ::.

i think i stop in here... i'll continue the other if i have time!

stay tune! XD XD XD hahahaha!!


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Welcome Philippines..
Monday, 31 March 2008

whew finally, after 3 hrs and 25 mins in airplane we've arrived safe here.

Actually, me and my family went to Singapore for our holiday. I'll post the things we do and the the places we went in Singapore coz I'm soo tired..

see yah!


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Blog Update..
Sunday, 23 March 2008

Finally! i was able to finished changing my layout whew!

it took me a day to arrange and change everything, coz the laptop is soo slow..

anyway, at least it's finished already..

You might wondering wats my last skin.. this is the screenshot of it :)

hehe.. kinda sleepy now see yah!


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My Last day...
Tuesday, 11 March 2008

okay.. so the exams are finished now as well as the projects and i'm so relieved that everything is now settled.

well after the exams and so many works at school, everything seems be back to normal and its quite bored now since everything is done (thats what i think) and i can relax now. Anyway, we play cards, take pictures and play some musics... here are some evidences ^_^

..:: UNO, became the national game of MENDELEEV ::..

..:: Playing UNO game ::..

..:: The busy Mendeleev.. may patay!! haha!! ::..

..:: WT?! even the teacher play an UNO ::..

..:: WE play cards as well: 41, Tong-its, 123 pass, bente uno, luck 9, solitaire & Ungguy-ungguyan ::..

~ I remember flo telling us that the bente uno game is also called dos por dos~

..:: Picture taking time! ::..

..:: Last Picture taking ::..

~my best last day ever? maybe.. nah i'm still in CRMI until next year. Hope this guys will be my classmates for the next school year because they are the best guys out there you could imagine. ^_^

ahmm.. i'm quite tired now got to go to sleep now.. See yah ^_^


Katherine say goodbye @ 10:13 PM

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